Now There’s Cute Underwear for Women with Limited Motion—and Tummy Tuck Patients Can Benefit

The world of women’s underwear includes seemingly endless options, from staples for everyday wear to flirty lingerie sets. But despite all that stylistic diversity, most panties are constructed in a very similar way—and they don’t meet everyone’s needs.

I recently came across this article by Refinery29 covering a line of adaptive underwear specifically developed for women with limited motion—and I think my tummy tuck patients could also benefit from this innovation.

How Slick Chicks Underwear was born

Founder and fashion designer Helya Mohammadian first delved into the world of adaptive underwear on behalf of her sister, who was largely bedbound for weeks after a C-section. She required assistance for everything, including putting on underwear, which is quite difficult if you can’t bend over or balance on one leg.

To make life easier for her sister, Helya rebuilt a pair of bikini-cut underwear, adding a row of closures on either side so they could be put on with a limited range of motion—and her sister loved the results. She was able to put on fresh underwear without asking for help or needing to contort her body.

“I continued doing research into what I learned was called ‘adaptive clothing.’ But what I found was generally ugly or unappealing, even for all the ways it was functional. I thought to myself, I can do better.”—Helya Mohammadian

Adaptive underwear can help after a tummy tuck

As any tummy tuck patient knows, the first week or so after surgery can require quite a bit of hands-on help from your loved ones. Something as simple as changing your underwear can be frustrating and even worrisome, given post-op instructions warn against straining. That’s why we think options like Slick Chicks underwear could make a huge difference in any tummy tuck patient’s recovery. While you’ll still need to wear compression garments at first, adaptive underwear can make the following weeks easier as your body continued to heal. You’ll feel more comfortable, and you won’t risk harming your healing incisions while trying to get dressed.

We love that the lingerie industry is evolving to give our patients more options. If you’d like to learn more about Mohammadian’s inspiring journey and how her cute, adaptive underwear has changed the lives of many women, we encourage you to read the full article.