Mommy Makeover

“Mommy Makeover” is a catch-all term for a set of customized procedures designed to help address some of the most common breast and body changes associated with pregnancy and childbirth. Typically, mommy makeovers include a procedure to reduce breast sagging and improve fullness, such as a breast lift or breast lift with augmentation, combined with procedures to recontour the body, including a tummy tuck to remove excess skin on the lower abdomen and, sometimes, liposuction to reduce stubborn pockets of fat.

During your consultation, Dr. Aboutanos will work closely with you to determine which combination of procedures is optimal for achieving your goals. Please contact us today to learn more or schedule a personal consultation.

How long does a mommy makeover take?

This can vary based on which procedures you’re having and how many procedures are being performed at once. Breast surgeries typically take two to three hours, while body contouring typically takes two or more hours, depending on the severity of your concerns.

All procedures will be performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis, though you may be required to stay overnight after a tummy tuck.

Where will my incisions be?

Dr. Aboutanos places incisions as inconspicuous as possible, where resulting scars will be hidden in the natural folds of your skin or easily hidden by your underwear or a swimsuit. For a breast lift, incisions are typically made around the areola and vertically down the center of the breast to the breast fold, in a lollipop shape. The type of incision used depends on the amount of reshaping that needs to be done, and Dr. Aboutanos may also need to make an additional incision along the crease under the breast.

With a tummy tuck, Dr. Aboutanos will make an incision along the lower part of the abdomen from hip to hip, where it can be hidden under low-cut underwear. She will also make a small incision in the umbilicus so she can restore a natural, youthful look to the belly button.

Liposuction incisions are usually very small and strategically placed in the most easily hidden areas near where you are having fat removed.

What is mommy makeover recovery like?

Again, your recovery will depend on which procedures you have. After breast surgery, many patients are able to return to non-strenuous work within the first week, are able to shower after a few days, and slowly begin resuming light activity in around two weeks. Exercise, heavy lifting (including toddlers), and housework will need to be avoided as your incisions heal, though walking is encouraged early in your recovery to avoid complications.

Recovery after a tummy tuck is often more intensive, as a greater degree of reshaping has occurred and the larger incision will take longer to heal. Additionally, one to two drains are often left for the first few days after surgery to remove excess fluid and keep swelling down. You should start feeling more like yourself in about two weeks, though you will still need to avoid exercise and strenuous activity until you get the go ahead from Dr. Aboutanos.

Prescription pain medication will be prescribed to help manage your discomfort, though most patients transition to an OTC pain reliever after around four to five days. You will be required to wear special surgical garments, such as compression wear around the abdomen and a surgical bra. These garments can be inconvenient, but they will help alleviate your discomfort and protect your results as your body begins to heal.

Swelling and bruising should resolve over the course of a month or so, and you’ll start to see your results take shape over the next few weeks.