Renuvion Skin Tightening Richmond, VA

A truly revolutionary technology, Renuvion has furthered the boundaries of what radiofrequency devices can achieve for patients, notably in the area of tightening lax skin. In the hands of an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon, this minimally-invasive procedure is a powerful option for patients bothered by lax skin on the neck or body who would benefit from a boost in collagen production.

How Renuvion advances RF technology for increased results

Renuvion adds the power of helium plasma to RF technology to provide a significant cooling effect, which allows for a greater level of radiofrequency to be used in treatment. Additionally, the device is inserted under the skin to reach deeper layers of the skin. The combination of these strategies significantly increases the collagen-building benefits for the patient.

Learn more about Renuvion

Dr. Aboutanos is well-versed in this new technology and recommends coming in for a personal consultation to determine if Renuvion is right for you. Please call us at (804) 355-3410 to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Aboutanos.

What is Renuvion treatment like?

Depending on the areas being treated, you will be given an appropriate level of anesthesia with or without sedation. Dr. Aboutanos will then make a pencil-eraser sized incision to insert the Renuvion device probe under your skin in each area you have chosen to have treated. Treatment is relatively quick, and you will only need small bandages afterward to cover the incision(s). You can expect to be sore in treated areas for a few weeks following treatment, with residual bruising lasting approximately four weeks.

How does Renuvion compare to other skin tightening options?

While Renuvion requires a more significant recovery time than typical non-surgical procedures, it offers excellent results without the invasiveness of a plastic surgery procedure.

Renuvion vs plastic surgery

Besides being less invasive, Renuvion offers an advantage over plastic surgery: it is specifically designed to stimulate collagen production. In contrast, plastic surgery can excise more skin or even tighten muscles as in a tummy tuck, but it cannot provide the improvement in general skin elasticity offered by Renuvion.

Renuvion’s small incisions heal fairly quickly, and results develop slowly over time as your body produces more collagen, resulting in natural skin tightening. Optimal Renuvion results are seen in the 6 to 12-month range. With surgery, you will see a more dramatic change immediately after the surgery, but the longer incisions associated with plastic surgery lifting procedures take more time to heal.

As with surgery, Renunvion can be applied to most areas of the body where skin tightening is desired, however, it is not often appropriate for treatment of the breasts, which typically require surgical reshaping. Renuvion can be used in conjunction with liposuction, which is helpful for patients who would benefit from targeted fat removal via liposuction but have some skin laxity.

Renuvion is an excellent choice for patients with moderate skin laxity who would see excellent results with a boost in collagen production. Patients who have significant skin laxity due to aging or notable weight loss will likely be better off with a body lifting procedure such as arm lift, thigh lift, or neck lift.

Renuvion vs Thermage

While radiofrequency (RF) technology has gained popularity in recent years through treatments such as Thermage, they have only provided truly satisfactory results for patients with quite mild concerns. Renuvion provides more significant skin tightening thanks to combining the power of Helium plasma with RF technology.