Inverted Nipple Correction

Nipple inversion is usually caused by shortening of the breast ducts and fibrous tissue connected to the nipple, resulting in the inward appearance of the nipple toward the breast tissue. There are various grades of inverted nipple severity. Correction of inverted nipples can be performed by cutting the thick bands and ducts that pull the nipple downward.

How long will the procedure take?

Correction of inverted nipples is a surgery that requires general anesthesia. It can take one to two hours and is done on an outpatient basis.

Where will the incisions be?

The incisions are typically hidden along the edge of the areola and at the base of the nipple. Incisions around the nipple can heal nicely and are hardly visible.

What will recovery be like?

During the procedure, a long-acting pain medicine will be used to decrease postoperative pain. You will go home with a special dressing and surgical bra to avoid putting pressure on the incisions of the nipple. You will need a responsible adult to drive you home and stay with you for 24 hours.

Dr. Aboutanos will discuss the risks and benefits of nipple inversion surgery and help determine if surgical correction is right for you. If you are interested in seeking surgical correction for inverted nipples in Richmond, VA please call 355-3410 for consultation with Dr. Aboutanos.