Microneedling is a minimally invasive skin resurfacing treatment designed to help support your skin’s natural healing process. Using a special device that contains a dozen or so of very fine, short needles, Dr. Aboutanos creates small “micro-injuries” in the skin. This process triggers your body’s healing response, promoting the regeneration of healthy skin cells and production of collagen in the treated area.

The process involves no chemicals, abrasion, or head, making microneedling a safe option for any skin type. Repeated treatments can help smooth lines on the face, minimize surgical or acne scars, treat sun damage, even the tone and texture of the skin, improve firmness, and even soften the appearance of stretch marks. Best of all, you’ll notice an improvement in the overall radiance and clarity of your complexion.

Please contact us today to learn more or schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Aboutanos.Microneedling (also called collagen induction therapy) is an in-office procedure that involves the use of fine needles to make tiny punctures in the skin. These tiny punctures stimulate collagen and elastin, which are important factors for youthful, healthy skin.

Does microneedling hurt?

Most patients report that while the sensation isn’t exactly comfortable, there is no pain. Because the needles are so thin, the device is not dragged across the skin, and we apply a topical anesthetic, any discomfort should be very minimal.

Will I be able to go back to work after my microneedling appointment?

That’s up to you. Immediately after your treatment, it’s normal to have a little some redness, similar to a sunburn—and you will need to make sure you’re wearing a quality sunscreen, as your skin will be sun sensitive.

While we advise against putting makeup back on that same day, you should be able to resume all your normal activities the following day

When will I see results after microneedling?

You may notice an overall brighter, healthier complexion within just a few days, but you’ll really see noticeable improvement after a week or two, once your body has produced new collagen. Your results should continue to improve for the next several months.

How many microneedling treatments will I need?

While a single treatment can help improve the overall appearance of the skin and provide subtle improvement for common concerns, most patients benefit from three to six treatments spaced a month apart to experience more dramatic results.